(#) MrsWayandIero 2011-08-02

Killjoy name (Be creative) : Screaming Revolver

Real name: Jinx Abyss Stryker

Age: 19 (Even if i would be 22)

Gender: F

Costume: A pair of skinnys, any color. An MCR band tee. Leather jacket. Dark blue hightops. Dogtags.

A breif description of yourself (Looks): Long red hair with tons of colors. Loads of piercings and tattoos. Same height as Ray. Skinny. Blue, green, gray, and gold eyes (At the same time. A mix of the colors.).

Little things I should know about you (Personality): Bisexual. Atheist. Scared of needles when getting a shot, heights, clowns, Micheal Jackson, Barney, the dark, and tight and crowded spaces. She is a bitch when you first meet her, but she starts to warm up to you. She has triplets, girls, who are 4, named Jaeden Elizabeth, Spencer Jenae, and Jaxn Marie, who were kidnapped by Bl/Ind.

^-^ Hope you like me!