Review for Auditons


(#) Gerardwayiscute 2011-08-03

Killjoy name-Colorful Shadow. If real name is neccisary its Jasmine Price. Age-Whatever fits. Specail ability-She can see the future. Costume-A floral tank top and sometimes wears a leather jacket. Black shorts with fishnet tights and black knee high boots. Wears a red studded belt with the letters 'C ' and 'S'. Her mask is green and blue with pink hearts (If she wears the mask.) Wears a silver heart shaped necklace. Black fingerless gloves. Color of ray gun-Yellow and orange that has write in red that says 'Beware the CS' Appearance-Long straight dark brown hair with red and blue streaks. Pale skin that tans easily. Black nail polis on all the time. Dark brown eyes that change color.
Back story-Parents and little brother got taken from BLI and the killjoys found her and made her a killjoy. She can break a bone if she needs to, distracted easily, nice, pissed off easily, if you really piss her off you have to get a boot out of your ass. She gets mad at the other killjoys alot.