Review for Auditons


(#) Gerardwayiscute 2011-08-03

My little bro wanted me to audition 4 him. Killjoy-Lightning Strike. If real name is necesary its Derek Price. Age-Whatever as long as he is younger than me. Specail ability-Can see peoples past. Costume-A blue t-shirt that has a lightning bolt. A black leather jacket. Black jean but not skinnies. Dark blue convers. Dogtags his dad gave him. Mask is yellow with a black lightning bolt. Color of ray gun-Black with a yellow lightning bolt. Appearance-Dark brown spikey hair that has an eletric blue color at the end of each spike. Dark brown eyes that change color. Pale skin that tans easily. Is a little shorter than his sis. Back story-Ran away from BLI to search for his sister. He found her but he had to be checked if he was drugged. Personality-Nice, breaks a bone if he needs to, shy, cusses alot, gets pissed easily.