Review for Never Coming Home

Never Coming Home

(#) PandaFrankie 2011-08-18

But I just wanted you to know, this is my top five fanfics of all time
A Splitting of The Mind
Could I Lie Next To You?
Never Coming Home
Gerard The Boy Princess of The Sea and Frank The Italian Gentleman's Son Who Loves Him
Doll House
Just thought I'd let you know. By the way, if you haven't read any of the other fics, I highly suggest you do! Splitting will make you cry, Boy Princess will make you scream with laughter, Doll House will make you too scared to fall asleep and Lie Next To You is the perfect combination of all three.
Oh, and then there's this other fanfic.
Called Never Coming Home.
And it's beautifully written.
And it's on my alerts.
And the author is a genuinely nice person.
-C xo