Review for Escape and Return!

Escape and Return!

(#) siaru 2011-08-21

Tweaky old analog gear? It they hadn't gone after HP, they could have sent it out to the Agilencers' cal-labs. Now their enemy knows the equipment better than they do, and HPIB (Harry is back). With a little House-Elf/Collective investigation and technomage analysis, that gear can probably be backdoored to track DEs as well.

Is Severus scheduled for a personal encounter with the Great Queen this time? That should be fun to watch. Draco's probably going to guest-star in a stakeout. We don't have clues yet, but it won't surprise me if Luna is merciless from now on.

Fun as always; pray continue.

Author's response

The technomages don't need the 'old analog gear' -- they brought the new stuff, which is now they are picking off the DEs one at a time. As for Draco . . . he'll envy his father's death. Luna and Hermione are only allowed to stick around because Harry needs the emotional support. The 'professionals' are in charge and actually competent.