Review for God Has No Place Here

God Has No Place Here

(#) purecrystaltears 2006-10-10

AHH!!! Neat, neat, neat, neat! I LOVE this story! And wow wow, your writing has REALLY improved!

Have you been practicing or something?

But yeah, this is a VERY good story! And I love how you make everyone talk! They really sound like they're from the 1700's! Go you!

And, heh, vampire. ::grins happily::

Author's response

Ahh yes. Thank you muchles! I would hope that my writing has improoved... was horrendous earlier on.

And thank you for notocing details. Yes, the way these people talk is very important to me. I always try and keep it relative to the date in which the setting takes place. It just REALLY bothers me when people wright stories that take place long ago, and yet insert their own voices into the characters. It just keeps things from flowing.

So yes, thankyou so so so so so so so much for reviewing!