Review for Could I Lie Next To You?

Could I Lie Next To You?

(#) PandaFrankie 2011-08-27

This is how my top five fanfictions OF ALL TIME go:
A Splitting of the Mind
Could I Lie Next To You?
Gerard The Boy Princess of the Sea And Frabk The Italian Gentleman's Son Who Loves Him
Never Coming Home
Doll House
And I am VERY hard to please. Madam (...or sir? That would make you even more epic.), you are the first person that I have actually ever been prpud that they wrote a fanfiction. I have reccomended this to all of my Frerard-loving friends. This fiction has everything. I love it so gosh darn much.
-C xo

Author's response

Aw, you're the best! Unfortunately (I think? hahaha) I'm a girl, so I'm slightly less epic. But I may as well be a dude seeing as my day so far has consisted of chili, beer and video games (currently waiting out the "hurricane" on the East coast...)

But really, thank you so much. As a writer I always wonder whether or not it's silly to be writing fanfiction, especially at 21 years old, haha. But this review perked me up so much. I hope you like the sequel!