Review for Be Like That

Be Like That

(#) Sunzu49 2011-08-29

A very beautiful piece. This actually made me learn about Axl's abusive dad/childhood for the first time by reading it. "Axl shot me a look over his shoulder, a mix between 'Fuck off' and 'Help me'" really got me intrigued. Glad to see how Slash is concerned, and wants to take care of him, and all... expecially that powerful speech he gives, making Axl cry. Very well-done.

Oh, and, by "When he grunted, I knew I had hit the right spot," was that supposed to be equivalent orgasm?

Author's response

anks for reviewing. I'm happy you enjoyed it. And the grunting part. Ya know how when something feels good, you make fun nosies, thats kind of how it is. My boyfriend grunts when I rub his back so I based it off him. So maybe, if you squint, yeah. Equivalent to an orgasm. Lol.