Review for Escape and Return!

Escape and Return!

(#) brad 2011-08-30

Heh, I continue to like the idea of Harry's Apparation accuracy being greatly enhanced if he is apparating to the girl he loves... Hermione. :-)

Nice little scene with Luna. POOR LUNA! Wondering how she'll react once she's well. On the other hand, if she was preoccupied with thoughts of vengeance she would have probably leaped up from her bed there and then and demanded to see Draco?

- ... she had been abused and the two major abusers were dead.

Lucius and who was the other? Draco's still alive and Luna wasn't told about anyone else?

Snape's Dark Mark being an albatross about his neck is an interesting notion.

The scene with Ron was amusing. 'Huh?'. :-)