Review for Auditions...WOOHOO!


(#) ilovefrankieieroxx 2011-09-07

Sounds cool ;)

Name: Frankie Iero (Frankie is short for Francesca but if you call her that she will kill you in your sleep, and is it alright if she's Frank's twin sister?, i don't have to be, but it would amazing if i was)

Age: You can decide, but the same as age as Frankie please

Looks: 5'4, waist length, straight black hair with neon blue fringe and ends, fringe covers one eye all the time, hazel eyes with green tinges, very pale and emphasizes this by wearing chalk white foundation, tons of eye liner, anorexic skinny (but NEVER call her that), nose stud, lip ring, 5 piercings in each ear, eye brow piercing, and Monroe piercing, "FoREVer" tattooed on left wrist, a guitar on fir on right shoulder, the Slytherin badge on left shoulder (I'm a harry potter nerd xD), giant black angel wings that cover entire back with "We are the fallen angels" in between the two wings down the spine, "Shut up and let me see your jazz hands" on left hip, a unicorn on right hip, always wears Pirates of the Caribbean pendant that she got from the ride at disney, always wears cheap mood ring and often forgets to take it off so when she does her fingers green, wears black and red lacy arm warmer thingies, either wears her Slytherin t shirt, her Harry Potter t shirt or band tees, practically LIVES in black skinnies, either wears drawn on converse or her favourite black knee high, high heeled boots , she wears black train tracks and HATES them

Personality: Can be random, funny and hyper, but only after she's had about 8 cans of Red bull, can be depressed, where she only talks to her brother, most of the time though she's a rebel, very close to her brother and very protective of him, very tough (nearly a black belt in tae kwon do)

Likes: Punk/Rock/Metal/Screamo music, physically attached to her ipod, and phone, always carries her sketchpad, HARRY POTTER!!!!!!, Pirates of the Caribbean, Horrible Histories, STAR WARS!!!! (i'm such a nerd), coffee, skittles, Art, dancing in the street in the middle of a thunder storm (i have done that), Art, History

Dislikes: i have a phobia of spiders (i can't even stand the little ones shudders), i hate chavs, slags, fakes, people who slag other people behind their backs, backstabbers, Whiny people, i also hate insects, any kind insect i hate, getting my hair wet, Soap operas (i don't see the point in them), JUSTIN BEIBER!!!! (he deserves to die a slow and painful death for his stupid singing...DAMN YOU BEIBER I'VE GOT BABY STUCK IN MY HEAD!!!!!!!sorry sorry)

Part: GEE'S GIRLFRIEND!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I'LL GIVE YOU ANY UNICORN OF YOUR CHOICE!!!!! except the pink sparkly gay one cause that's mine ;)

Anything else: a cutter and dyslexic (i think i've spelt it right...)

Good luck, can't wait to read it, hope i get picked ;D
Sorry if it's too long
Rosie :)