Review for Harry Potter and The Invincible Technomage

Harry Potter and The Invincible Technomage

(#) AMWOODco 2011-09-07

Just read this whole story through. Lovely. I enjoyed the many cameoes, though it's worth noting that you committed the ever so serious comic fan crime of mentioning a DC comic character (Bruce Wayne) in a story set in one of the (many) Marvel universes. My comic fan friends would be truly appalled (if any of them ever read fanfiction... their loss).

Also, just something to poke a bit of fun at. Being an honest Canuck and having one foot in the U.K., one foot in the U.S. and my eyes towards the arctic (don't ask why), I would say that it is pronouned A-lu-mi-num and not A-lum-i-num. It's also worth noting that the British pronounciation is used to describe an alloy of alluminum and titanium this side of the Atlantic.

Also, a note of curiosity. This story has been sitting idle for (checks date) over ten months now. Is it dead or simply on extended leave without pay? I ask because it is excellent and while I have little talent in writing myself, I do enjoy giving encouragement to those who do.

Bravo, once again.

Author's response

- Actually I've stop posting on Ficwad because the interface for uploading to the site has just become far too much work. I spent an hour and an half attempting to upload a chapter to Sun Source and that was just the last straw. All my stories, including at least one and maybe two more chapters for Technomage (I forget where I was in that on for Ficwad) are on and fanficauthors