Review for Escape and Return!

Escape and Return!

(#) brad 2011-09-07

Ugh. Sadly I could see Draco's predicament coming even before it started on the page; I guess your 'tech' focus had me thinking in that direction. Something out of comics, a head suspended on a metal spider's body, something like that. Although Draco's even worse off. Ugh.

Funny how I got just as much out of the single scene with Harry and Hermione as I did out of everything else. HP has made me into an incurable romantic. Well, at least where Harry and Hermione are concerned. It's very good/nice of Hermione to feel glad for Harry that he's 'spending time' with Luna; that's a selfless love that's nice to see. Leaves her on the out, though. I'm glad that Harry's missing and thinking of her, too. That 'over night' thing ... I've forgotten how much they were 'friends with benefits' after Ron's betrayal; was it just the one night, or a persistent continual practice up until they got to eh USA? Or even, back to the UK and Luna? Wondering if they're going to become a threesome (of course, not new territory for you). Maybe you'll have Luna be the 'catalyst' once again to getting a spark between these other two going. Who knows? I'll be here next month to find out.

So Harry's 'power' score is only one below Riddle's? Yay! Wondering what sort of curve this is rated on, exponential/logarithmic or linear? Nice to know the boy will be the most powerful around, after Riddle is dealt with, anyway. It's not that often you've left him the clear winner in the power stakes, you know.

Note sure I like this JUSTICE DAY thing that much; the 'Wicker Man' thing you had in one of your earliest novels - True Believers? - didn't do much for me, it seemed just too pagan/barbaric.

Author's response

It was one night before they reached California, but Harry & Hermione started spending nights together while in North Carolina. You'll hear about how it progresses.

As for the Wicker Man being pagan, well, the Druids ARE pagan! I would agree with you that it's also unnecessarily cruel, but many societies are, and nearly every society has been -- that's not saying the practice is good, but we have to acknowledge that is how some cultures would act