Review for One Wizard Too Many

One Wizard Too Many

(#) Vanir 2011-09-08

Perfect. Harry has a very good point, and it's packed with explosives. If there's something in front of you that wants to kill you, you aim, fire and move on. Now, i understand that he's unconcerned with the sheeple's opinions, but that greenhouse thing sounds like he's going out of his way to piss more people off. Either that or we need a better explanation. The ball will be fun, and the upcoming Weasley blowout when Ron finally gets that he's actually out will most likely be hilarious. Oh, and while i think the merfolk might be fairly safe, i fear for anyone who thinks it's a great idea to chain Hermione to the bottom of the lake. Hmm. Military grade aqualung and a CGP-10 scubascooter? Anyway, keep it coming. I'll be right here waiting.