Review for Gambitophobia


(#) Cherehatter 2011-09-08

I found this to be very worth of the next two chapter you are worried about. I found your write to be very insightful into how Rouge's mind ticks as well as into how Remy's mind ticks. The jumpyness of rouge's thoughts show a true to life human thought process. With more pratice your write will soon become even more enjoyable. Update soon-Chere

Author's response

Hi. Just wanted to thank you for taking the time to read and review. I'm glad you enjoyed the characters thought process which are always enjoyable to write and hopefully in the future I get even more better in portraying them. If I get the time to write, that is.

And I've already posted the second chapter at a long time ago. Two years to be exact o.0 Thrid is still due. So here's the link: