Review for Every Breath

Every Breath

(#) RainPaw 2006-10-11

Jasmine you little...Rubs tear from eyes God! sometime I could just...more tears run down face You could have warned me! I am now crying becuase of you! That is so sad! But how did he die? he fell off the tower right but the points leading up to that were skechy, But OMG it is sad. So you know what I have to do know, and I really did not want to do this for the sake of the other readers but know I have to stop writing Wedding Days and write that Oneshot were I kill someone and make it so sad that you cry! So that's what you get. Oh and the story ever though it was sad and in first-person which I dislike, it was great beyond belife! Got to write all thoughs other stories your were talking about! Or eles I will get Angleface's slaves and make them hunt you down and make you write all thoses stories the hard way Muhahaha. So keep up the go work.

Author's response

Aww.. Emmers! NOT WEDDING DAYS! Well thanks for liking the story so much, but where is it sketchy? I want to fix it now! You know Im a perfectionist. It's the whole he-falls-off-a-tall-building-after-being-held-there-by-evil-arch-nemesis-story line. So overdone I know... : > I hope I didnt just give any readers spoilers.. But hopefully they actually read the story first : >