Review for I Do

I Do

(#) Gerardwayiscute 2011-09-15

I have a crap load of ideas for this story and here is another one. So Kobra is out to find Lady Madness but the rest of the group catch up to him. Kobra could say that they can't stop him from finding his true love. You can make one of the guys say that he doesn't know where she is. You can make them argue and a few dracs could look at them. And if I'm still in the stupid BLI outfit you could make me say to the dracs that I have it all under control and to keep their lazy asses moving, then I look at the group and hold a pair of keys. So they all go to the room Lady Madness is in but its guarded by dracs. You can make Kobra yell runaway killjoys and the dracs go search. I unlock the door and we go in the room and Lady Madness is in there, awake. I really love this story and I want you to continue it so I'll give you ideas that you can use if you need help