Review for Killjoy Academy

Killjoy Academy

(#) FlyingSmoke 2011-09-18

THIS IS VIOLET RAGE'S OWNER. (Well, doesn't that sound lovely... Shut up Violet.) GOTSPARKLE WILL NOT BE DOING A SUN/RAGE FIC. That is disgusting. It will not be happening. In a million years. If you actually want to (pervert), then YOU FUCKIN' WRITE IT AND KEEP IT OFF FICWAD. I do not need bad mental images. Please.
Thank you.

Author's response

And don't send it to me!!! Seriously, I've gotten a few already. The fact that you had the cajhones to SEND me it..... pukes on a nearby cat honestly.... People these days.....

Now, to clarify. SUN IS NOT DISGUSTING. NOR IS RAGE. THE IDEA OF THE TWO OF THEM BEING awkward cough"involved" is disgusting! I'm not a homophobe by any means, but the two of us are too close for that to ever be an OPTION!!!