Review for Killjoy Academy

Killjoy Academy

(#) Heymimusic 2011-09-18

Don't you DARE end this just yet ! This is an amazing story ! And wow, seriously ?? That's sick for someone to do a Neon/Rage fic .

And I, too, have the same question as DeathzAngel, do the people from the first audition be in here too ??

I absolutely love this story with all my heart, please don't end it soon ! Update when you can !

Author's response

Heymimusic :D i love your stuff, so it makes my day to get a review from you! Yeah, some of them are cutsy, some are dating , and some are just smut. I'm find with the cutsy, but farther than that... shudders

Yes, all auditions I've accepted will be fit in! We meet the people from the first audition in the next 2 chapters! :)