Review for Did you hear that?THUMP!

Did you hear that?THUMP!

(#) twilightluver6 2011-09-19

Can I be Frank's dead girlfriend? Name-Sally Jones. Gender-female. Age-whatever suits you. Personality-nice, lady like, is your typical girly girl, jumpy, has good manners, never says bad words and when she does she slaps herself, likes to tell people what to do, always does things right and is a spoiled girl. Why you wanna be in this-well... I don't know why. Oh I know. Stories that are horror are always interesting and fun to read. Looks-long platinum blonde hair that has pink underneath and some pink on her bangs which go across her forehead, light blue eyes, tanish like skin, has long fingers and long finger nails that are painted pink, pouty lips, is 5'2 and very thin and curvey. And she wears pink lip gloss, a little bit of blusher and some eye shadow. People call her Barbie because she looks like a Barbie doll. Thank you for considering me.