Review for Ummmm... Auditions

Ummmm... Auditions

(#) Gerardwayiscute 2011-09-20

You know I love your stories so I'm auditioning. Name-Jasmine Price. Gender-female! Age-Ummmm... is 17 alright. If not then you can change it. Looks-long dark brown hair that is curly, it also has purple highlights, dark brown eyes that always show emotion, pale skin that tans easily, has white teeth and a nice smile, has black nail polish on,5'4 and really skinny. Outfit-a black mini dress with fishnet tights, black knee high boots, wears a silver heart shaped necklace and wears black wrist bands and a choker. Personality-nice, shy around crushes, has a sense of humor, has a potty mouth, has a strong punch for a girl, hyper, a party animal. How you died-was on the way to an epic party and it was dark. She was about to turn but a truck crashed into her car and it made it flip. She didn't make it and the parade found her. Part-best friend please. Anything else-nope.