Review for Ummmm... Auditions

Ummmm... Auditions

(#) AhoyMikeyo 2011-09-20

name, Schuylar (Sky) Ellery
age, 19? (a year younger than Mikey)
looks,Tall and skinny long red/ginger hair with a short defind full fringe very strait hair a quater korean and wears Ulzzang makeup ( very pale big exagerated eyes a little natural blush and pink lips brown eyes big without circle lenses
your black parade outfit, A black gothic lolita dress bell shaped and reaches knee with ballet tights and black legwarmers and back frilly socks black mary janes kind of wrist gloves black and lacy and has a black lace headband with a perl on
personality,Very shy and sweet likes to keep to herself but is very kind to others is seen as a bit of a baby and very cute
how you died,died in a house fire trying to climb out of her window she fell and broke her neck
part,Mikey's gf? possiable or your best friend? :3