Review for Ummmm... Auditions

Ummmm... Auditions

(#) Mr-Tibbles 2011-09-20

Name-Derek Price.(I'm Gerardwayiscute's twin brother) Gender-male. Age-is 17 okay? you can change if you want but as long as I'm the same age as my sister. Looks-spiky dark brown hair that has electric blue at the top, dark brown eyes, pale skin, cuts on wrists, 5'4 and skinny but muscular. Outfit-black misfits tee with a black leather jacket, black skinnys, black converses and fingerless gloves and wears dog tags. Personality-nice, really hyper, daring, never takes no for an answer, dances to distract people, clumsy too. How you died-heard about the car crash that his sister was in and he was depressed so he led himself to suicide by hanging himself. Part-friend please. Anything else- loves matress sliding.