Review for Ummmm... Auditions

Ummmm... Auditions

(#) LoveLustAndPixieDust 2011-09-20

name, Nancy Times
age, 17
looks,glossy black hair with a fring usualy up with a bump then clipped down (in a sort of beehive style)but in crazy curls when let down very pale and red lips icey blue eyes and a strong jaw line and high cheek bones slender but curvy dimples in cheeks
your black parade outfit,a long sort of sticky outy skirt just above the ankles and below the knee with little victorian boots a white long sleeve shirt with a choker collar and puffy short sleeves and decrotive blac buttons
personality,Loud and out going easily exited and very welcoming quite motherly and is good at suporting peopel when they are down
how you died,died back in the 1800s of flue
part,anything ye like
and anything else has a older brother who shall be described next!

name, Rorey Times
gender, male
looks, tall dark and handsome icey blue eyes and messy black hair naturaly stained lips and dimple in his chin and cheeks
your black parade outfit, A smart black suit and top hat with a red ribbon around and a red rose in his breast pocket
personality, Mysterios and a loner dosent speak much but when he does its usualy very important cares for his sister very mcuh and sometimes babys her
how you died, died too of the flue around a month after his sister
and anything else thats it :3