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Ummmm... Auditions

(#) ilovefrankieieroxx 2011-09-20

Sounds cool ;D

Name: Frankie Uma (Frankie is short for Francesca but NEVER call her that unless you want a slow and painful death, and i choose Uma as a surname cause i fucking love Pulp Fiction and it's a cool name)

Gender: Girl

Age: 19 (but you can change that to a more suitable age)

Appearance: 5'7, shoulder length straight black hair with neon blue ends and fringe, fringe covers one eye all the time, green eyes with a hazel ring around the pupil (i'm not actually making this up i have freaky eyes), very pale and emphasizes this by wearing chalk white foundation, wears tons of black eyeliner, anorexic skinny (but if you call her that she'll kill you in your sleep)

Piercings: Nose stud, lip ring, 6 piercings in each ear, monroe piercing, eyebrow piercing

Tattoos: ~clicks finger~ this might take a while "Emosexual and proud" on left wrist, "Ieroween" across knuckles, a wedding ring, "FoREVer" across the shoulder blades, giant black angel wings covering back, with "We are the fallen angels" down the spine in between the two wings, "Shut up and let me see your jazz hands" on left hip, a unicorn on right hip, a guitar on fire on right shoulder, the Slytherin badge on left shoulder and "Against the sun we're the enemy" on stomach

Your black parade outfit: Black corset with white lace, with skin tight black leather trousers tucked into knee high, high heeled black boots,

Personality: Can be funny, random and hyper on very rare occasions, mostly likes to live in the shadows, rebel and a badass, but a very good friend, very trustworthy, can get over protective of friends, very tough

How you died: Got raped, beaten and stabbed, by a group of drunk and high chavs, tried to stop them but they got even more pissed off and stabbed her over 100 times

Part: I would quite like to be Bob's gf but i don;t really mind, but can she have a little crush on frank please?

Anything else: Has a thick English accent (moved over to the states when she was 18), dyselexic (i actually AM dyselexic so i'm sorry if my spelling is terrible, thank god for spell check :3), FUCKING LOVES HARRY POTTER!!!! (who doesn't?), her favourite film is Pulp Fiction (as is mine), knows EVERYTHING about Harry Potter (people often ask me questions and i answer easily cause i'm that sad)

Good luck
Can't wait
Hope i get picked
Sorry if it's really long i do tend to go on

Rosie :)