Review for Ummmm... Auditions

Ummmm... Auditions

(#) MCRmySoldier6 2011-09-20

Name: Melanie Andersen
Age: 19
Looks: Shoulder length, layered black hair, Neon green eyes. Pale skin, dark circles around eyes, white teeth, on the tall side (but not by much) and skinny.
Black Parade outfit: Black Parade vest, with a black 3/4 sleeve shirt underneath. Black jeans, and black boots the go halfway up calf.
How I died: My father was an abusive alcholic, and one night, he came home drunk, stabbed my mother in the stomach, and hung me in the backyard.
Personality: Quiet, outspoken, doesnt smile a lot. Dark, depressing to be around (when she was alive, kids though it would be funny to call her a dementor, and run away when ever she was around) emotional sometimes.
Part: Mikey's girl friend, pretty please? I will love you forever!!! :)
Gender: Girl
Anything else: hates her dad more than anything. Doesn't like it when people talk about her, or tease her about how skinny she is.

Well, thank you for considering! Have fun, and goodluck! :)
xoxo, Mel