Review for Ummmm... Auditions

Ummmm... Auditions

(#) fatherfuckingmeese 2011-09-20

Name: Avalin West
Gender: Female
Age: Around Ray's age :)
Looks: kind of small, thin, pale, big dark navy eyes with dark circles undeneath, wears eyeliner, kind of looks like Alicia Way, Glossy brown hair in ringlets going to shoulders, has stiches near lips and around eyes. Wears black ribbons in hair.
Black Parade outfit: Ebony-black lacy dress going to knees with ribbon/sash around waist, black lace gloves, black satin tights, and black leather ankle lace-up boots. Black choker.
Personality: Avalin is kind of shy, a friendly/outgoing person once you meet her, is usually a positive person, unless asked about her past, speaks in rapid French when excited, romantic, acts invisible sometime when upset or under pressure.
How you died: Avalin was a French maid for a wealthy gangster in the late 1800's and one day he came home drunk and tried to cut her face with a knife. He locked her in cellar where she suffocated.
if not that's cool, any part's good for me. Feel free to change age, backround story, etc. to what suits you. I LOVE RAY!!!!