Review for Ummmm... Auditions

Ummmm... Auditions

(#) XxxFallenAngelXxxx 2011-09-20

Name-Faye Redfern
Age-whatever fits but is about 19-21 alright?
Looks-very pale, curvy, average height. Medium length hair that is black with white/blonde tips. Thick side fringe that falls just above her left eye, covering a white scar. Wide, innocent looking amber eyes. Ears pierced once on each lobe and nose pierced. Tattoo on inside of wrist saying “Courage” and the other says “stay strong”. Going down her spine a tattoo says “music descries what words can`t” and behind her left ear there is two black bats. Wear little make up-red lipstick-like holly red, not a pale pinkish red, and smudged black eyeliner with silver specs through it.
Outfit-a black corset dress like this
A silver locket with a picture of her friends and her sister and her in a group hug and to hide the tattoos on her wrist (she loves them but they are a kind of personal thing to her and have a personal meaning) a pair of black, lacy gloves that come up to her elbows.
How you died-erm I know this sucks, can change it if you want-tried to protect her little sister from a gang of thugs. She didn’t know they had a knife and they stabbed her several times then killed her sister. Regrets not being able to save her and has a hard time accepting that.
Part-anything left/ that fits
Personality-kind, but not overly in your face cheery. Either very loud and talkative or very quiet-never good sign when she is quiet. Doesn’t think things through a lot, loyal, protective. A good leader but hates making decisions but will follow through her decision once she has made them. Determined and sometimes stubborn. Sarcastic, blunt. Morbid. Dry sense of humour. Doesn’t laugh much. When she was alive people thought she was a little insane and eccentric but she is fine with that and prefers it to being “normal”
Anything else-half Scottish half English moved to America with her parents and sister a few months before her death as she had always wanted to go there and she had some family living out there who she hadn’t seen for ages. Has a bit of an odd accent, something that sounds a bit like a weekend Scottish accents with a bit of English and American thrown in. people often ask about it. Was a strict vegetarian and loves animals. Loved music and dreamed of being in a band with her sister and friends.
Hope I can help, sounds cool