Review for Ummmm... Auditions

Ummmm... Auditions

(#) Tierney6661 2011-09-20

Name: Tierney Sullivan

Gender: Female

Age: 21, but feel free to change this for the story's accuracy.

Looks: I have long dark blond hair, that I usually wear down or in a messy bun, its straight naturally and my bangs are long and I like to dye the back bottom layer different colors. I have grey-blue eyes (My friends like to say steel blue) with small brown specs in them. I am 5' 1 1/2", kind of tan all year round, but creamy white skin. I have a D cup and am 113 lbs. My teeth are perfectly straight and white, thank god, haha. And I have been told my smile is cute. I don't wear a lot of make up, usually just some eyeliner or mascara unless I'm going out or something. I have two cartilage piercings in the top of ear each and two at the lobe and a tragus on the left ear and an industrial on the right. I also have a Monroe on the left side. For tattoos: I have a “MADE IN CHINA” tattoo on the bottom of my right foot and part of Psalm 23 around my right ankle.

Your Black Parade Outfit: Black military style jacket with three white 1/2 inch stripes around the cuffs and silver buttons. The end seam of the jacket hits my thighs. I wear my hair in a messy bun, and a tight black dress with sleeves that go to my fore arm (3/4 length) and blue flowing designs around the waist and shoulders. I wear black nylons and my boots would be Docs that reach mid calf with buckles around the ankle and blue laces. My nails are a chipped cobalt blue color, which corresponds with my simple blue topaz pendant that hangs around my neck.

Personality: I’m crazy once I get to know you, but I’ll always be there for you. I'm tough, but I love to have a guy hold me or hug me, and I'm a bit outspoken. I usually let you know what I think even if it's not what you want to hear at the time. I'm not used to having family, so I'm not clingy, but I'm very friendly, if you don’t act like a moron/jerk the first time I met you. I'm usually pretty laid back, but when I need to be, I'm serious and I love my friends and what little family I get to call my own. I also am into riding motorcycles :) and I work as a mechanic part time. I let my conscious lay heavily on my decisions, so I tend to be impulsive and I like to believe in the good in people, but I usually get screwed over with that, so I've learned quite a few lessons in life.

How You Died: My mother left me when I was four with my grandmother, and she sent me to catholic schools all my life, as a teenager I caused trouble, and started to mesh with the wrong people. I picked up bad habits, but I felt that these people could relate to me, so I quit my sports teams, and started falling behind in academics. In turn, I started drinking and seeking out trouble. When I graduated high school, i got a part time job at a tattoo place. It was coming together for me, until I met and odd guy one night, he got a tattoo of a grim reaper with a bible in his hand and carrying a cross on his back. This was right before I left that night. I should have known better than to walk out alone when he had just left, but as I walked to my car, I felt odd. As I put my key in the lock I heard the crunch of the gravel lot, and I felt metal contact with my skull. The only thing I remember before the pain stopped was his face, and his words. The words that echo through my head everyday. "Fall, fall far into the hands of God, but only he shall decide whether he drops you or carries you."

Part: Mikey's GF, please? With a chocolate covered cherry on top?