Review for "Be My Detonator."

"Be My Detonator."

(#) YouCanRunAwayWithMe 2011-09-21

i see these 3 words on the MCR homepage: "Be My Detonator" and im all like: is this it is this really fucking it? and then i see these two miraculous words CosmicZombie and then CUE TO FANGIRL LIKE CRAZY!!!!!!! so ther's me, sitting in the room at the front of my house fucking bouncing on my seat, screaming at the top of my voice where all my neighbors can see me. no change that to the whole world
lina xo

Author's response

awwww, thank you! :D this review made me smile so much xD it's so nice to know how much you actually like my story :D thank you so much for reviewing and i'm so glad you liked it- will update soon :D

CosmicZombie xo