Review for Never Coming Home

Never Coming Home

(#) PandaFrankie 2011-09-25

Two updates in one day?! My, my, you really are spoiling us ;)
Again, all I can say is that I'm in love with this. Of course, t times it is hard to get through. For example, I hate Asshole Gerard; he really pisses me off and I feel awful about Lindsey's abuse. But I mean, that's supposed to happen, right? You get right in there with the characters. I'm proud of you for doing that. And I'm really glad that Frank finally had the balls not only to stand up to Gerard and tell him what he's doing to himself, but also to tell him how he really feels about him. I'm glad they both had the balls to do that. To, in your own words, still be beautiful. That's why I love this fic, and that's why it's one of my top five.
I can feel the end drawing all too near... 3: -sigh-
But not yet, though? Please?
-C xo

Author's response

Alas, this fic IS actually drawing to a close. I have about six chapters left, plus the epilogue. But I promise that the next fic I'll work on is going to be just as good! :3