Review for 'I'm Not O-fucking-kay! Trust Me.'

'I'm Not O-fucking-kay! Trust Me.'

(#) I_am_a_Graveyard 2011-09-26

I... can't...THIS. It was funny and cute and adorable and cute and funny and, and, and...ahhh! BEST cheesy frerard I have ever read, serously!

Chemestry > the Misfits! incase the sign doesn't show (less than)

I just can't...dude I love you! :D


Author's response

hahaha, aww thank yoooou! :D so happy you liked it...i thought it was pretty shit tbh :L but i still enjoyed writing it...what would the world do without cheesy frerardness? xD
and i totally can chemistry even compare to the misfits?!
thank you so much for reviewing! you fuckin rock :D

CosmicZombie xo