Review for auditions! o.O

auditions! o.O

(#) angiexoxomcr 2011-09-30

hair color:Dark brown with purple streaks
eye color:brown
killjoy name:Contemplation Bomb Sunshine
"real" name:Jen Smith
what your killjoy looks like:is pale, about 5'5, very slim, has a piercing on her bottom lip (left side) her costume is an avenged sevenfold shirt, skinny jeans that are kind of ripped, worn out hightop converse (black and white) her ray gun is black and purple and it says 'fallen angel'

personality:very badass doesnt take shit from anyone or anything, that is only when she's fighting dracs, she is very accepting of everyone,is not judgmental, bubbly, hyper when she is comfortable(when she's with the killjoys)
thanks for considering me =)