Review for auditions! o.O

auditions! o.O

(#) Gerardwayiscute 2011-09-30

Hair colour-its dark brown that is straight and it has multi colored streaks. Eye colour-dark brown which changes colour(blue,green,hazel,grey,golden brown) Killjoy name-Colourful Shadow. Real name-Jasmine Price. What your killjoy looks like-has a pink floral tank top, black shorts with fishnet tights underneath, red knee high boots, black and white striped wrist warmers that have a skull on both of them, wears yellow sunglasses, wears a silver heart shaped necklace and silver skull earrings. Wears black nail polish, has cuts on both wrists, has pale skin, always has her hair down, 5'4 and skinny. Ray gun is black and has writing in red that says, beware the CS. Personality-nice sometimes, gets pissed off easily, a tough fighter, can break a bone if she needs to, smart, has good attack plans, always gets her way, and a party animal. Other-loves roses, has a red motorcycle, and part spanish.