Review for auditions! o.O

auditions! o.O

(#) Tierney6661 2011-09-30

Hair color: My hair is quite similar to Hayley Williams, same cut and color, but sometimes instead of dying it orange and blonde, I dye it black and blue. My bangs are choppy and jagged and like to hang over my eyes sometimes, it reaches my shoulder blades and is straight as a pin.

Eye color: My eyes are a grey blue color and change with my emotion, not dramatically of course, but they go from bright blue to a water blue to grey depending on how i feel. They have tiny brown specs in them, no joke, I've come to think it's sorta unique.

Killjoy name: Helena Demolition

"Real" name: Tierney Sullivan

What your killjoy looks like: Black leather motorcycle jacket with zippers from the wrist to the shoulder. Blue fingerless gloves and a lunar cycle ring. I wear a cut up tank top under my jacket and black skinnies with a thick leather belt that had holsters for my own personal fun. I wear union jack docs (with the black sides and flag on the toe) with a bandanna either on my face, in my hair, or around my neck. I always have my blue topaz pendant around my neck as well.

Personality: I’m crazy once I get to know you, but I’ll always be there for you. I'm tough, but I love to have a guy hold me or hug me, and I'm a bit outspoken. I usually let you know what I think even if it's not what you want to hear at the time. I'm not used to having family, so I'm not clingy, but I'm very friendly, if you don’t act like a moron/jerk the first time I met you. I'm usually pretty laid back, but when I need to be, I'm serious and I love my friends and what little family I get to call my own. I also am into riding motorcycles :) and I work as a mechanic part time. I let my conscious lay heavily on my decisions, so I tend to be impulsive and I like to believe in the good in people, but I usually get screwed over with that, so I've learned quite a few lessons in life.