Review for Dear Agony

Dear Agony

(#) Vampirechick1159 2011-09-30

Oh my....that was beautiful, but...suicide's never the answer! ;__; I'm gonna cry. I really am. That was amazing. I just wish she didn't do it. And whoaaaaa, what was that curveball with Frank!? Dang. Some guys have a really twisted way of showing their affection. I loved it. Write more. That was beautiful. One of my favorites on here, even if I hate that ending.

Author's response

Ah, I was killing myself for killing Cadence, trust me. I hate just making a character do things like that, but when I started this story, it was originally Gerard that would die, so... you can see why either one would be hard. And the whole Frank thing just kind of happened, though I love it more than I probably should :)