Review for 'Will you promise me tonight?'

'Will you promise me tonight?'

(#) aweirdtree 2011-10-02

i loved it, thank you very much (: i should actually be sleeping right now, i have a math test tomorrow and i'm not too sure if i can pass it with six hours of sleep... but well, if i fail, this story was definitely worth it, haha :D

btw, do you draw yourself? i mean, you always describe Gerard's drawings in your stories so very.... well. do you draw them yourself or something?

and yayyy, there's HIM! :DD wohoo, a Finnish band! ^^ haha, lol, i'm from Finland, that's why i'm so impressed :D thank you for that too xd

Author's response

hahaha, it's okay- thank you very much for reviewing! oooh, maths tests aren't good D: aww, thanks :D

I draw a bit, but not that often..thank you, i do try and make Gerard's drawings seem real.


thank you so much for reviewing, glad you liked it xD

CosmicZombie xo