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Personalized Stories

(#) Gerardwayiscute 2011-10-03

Name-Jasmine Price.(people sometimes call her Jazzy, Jay, Jazz hands, or Price tag) Age-21. Looks-long straight dark brown hair with purple highlights, dark brown eyes, pale skin, either has red or black nail polish on, she has a few cuts on her arms, 5'4 and really skinny. Clothes-wears band shirts, hoodies, fingerless gloves, skinnys and converse. Sometimes skirts, fishnet tights, glovdlettes, and knee high boots. Always wears her silver heart shaped necklace for good luck. Personality-nice, shy around crushes, romantic, smart, gives good advice, defends friends, has a hard punch for a girl, gets on soda highs very easily, is a party animal, and can get grumpy. Famous Guy You Want To Be With-Gerard Way! What You Want The Story To Be About-a vampire love story where the girl is a human and the guy is a vamp.(not Twilight related) Other-loves red and white roses, and loves the song Flightless Bird, American Mouth by Iron & Wine.