Review for Auditions!


(#) MCRmySoldier6 2011-10-07

Name: Melanie (Likes to be called Mel)
Age: Whatever fits! :)
Looks: Layered black hair that falls to shoulders, usually worn down and straightened, with blond peekaboo streaks. Piercing green eyes, usually surrounded by eye kohl. Pale skin. Has spiderbites (The two small studs on one side of lower lip). Scrawny, not really strong.
Personality: Thinks the worst of herself, her old dad was abusive and nearly killed her, and since she's dealt with that for most of her life, she's convinced herself that she is dirt, and worthless. She thinks no one should really care about her. She's a waste of space. It takes her a long time to let anyone in. She's shy, and awkward really.
Usual clothes: Old band tees (Things like Iron Maiden, Anthrax, Smashing Pumpkins, Black Flag), Skinnies (Black, with rips at the knees), beat up pair of black converse hi-tops.
Could I pretty please be the adopted daughter of Mikey and Alicia? Please Gives cookie :)

Thanks for considering!
xoxo Mel

Author's response

I'm pretty sure I can work you in somewhere like a cousin, or neighbor or something(: I'm tweaking it now, and the new people will probably be in the next chapter..