Review for HELP WANTED


(#) DisenchantedEnding 2011-10-08

Name: Ivy Zelda ____ (depending on who adopts her)

Personality: Blushes a lot, very excited and hyper (the type where they can't stop rocking absentmindedly or fiddling with their hands) and she's very cute, cuddly and innocent.

Adopted by: Bob, Frank or maybe Mikey. If not adopted by Frank, she fancies Frank and he kinda knows it XD

Style: Mainly David Goliath clothing. Loves wristbands, badges and hoodies. She has blonde hair with green highlights, brown eyes. Average weight, if a little over.

Likes: Kittens and puppies, rock music, used to fancy Kurt Cobain, and equality.

Dislikes: Eating animals, bullying and racism. She's shy when it comes to talking about sex (oh my god, you should make her adoptive dad talk with her about condoms or some shit! haha) and she hates dogs dressed as animals and nuts in chocolate.

Anything Else: Uhm. She used to cut, a lot. One of the reasons she loves wristbands. She still does it, if rarely. It takes a lot for her do it, because she doesn't want to fo back to her old ways. She's now a happy spirit and tries to stay that way, even when sad. No one can stay mad at her. Loves comics; the colors and superpowers, mainly.

Uhm. I didn't see this before. So uhm, yeah. Here's my audition! XD