Review for Personalized Stories and stuff.

Personalized Stories and stuff.

(#) Vengefulscout 2011-10-09

Here's my audition!

Name: Emily Toye
Age: 14
Short Bio about yourself: She is very shy, quiet, self-conscious, kind and caring but will lash out at anyone who hurt her friends and can get angry easily. Has a older brother, Kai (17), has a metal plate in her arm from a motorbike accident. Has a crush on Mikey
What you want the story to be about: Can it be about me and the band go to a old haunted mansion filled with ghosts, demonic beings and phantoms which can inflict harm on people, but we get locked in and we cant get out?
One-shot, full length, or like 3 chapters: Whatever is the best for you :D

Hope that's all ok. Let me know if you need any more info.

Happy Story Writing!