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Personalized Stories and stuff.

(#) Blackdangerheart 2011-10-09

Name :Lelia wright
Age :14
Bio: Shes ginger . wears black skinny jeans a band t shirt , multi coloured studed belt and converse always listening to music ( black veil brides ,green day , avenged sevenfold and guns n Roses and stuff like that )she self harms because she feels alone, worthless ,fat and ugly( she's quite pretty . She doesnt eat . She gets bullied because of how she dresses and because she's hasn't Many friends She's told she pathetic worthless and fat l the time . She has loads of scars on her body and bruises for when she's beaten . Her parents are alcoholics and physically abuse her not sexually . I would like the story to be about her meeting Frank iero at school he finds out she self harms and is suicidal and wants to help her .they like way other more than friends . Frank also makes her stay at his house bEaucse he found out about her parents and wants to protect her. Hope you do my story would be amazing :) xx