Review for Personalized Stories and stuff.

Personalized Stories and stuff.

(#) vampiresdontglitter 2011-10-09

Name: Gia Russo.

Age: 17, feel free to change if needed.
Short Bio about yourself: Only child. Vegeterian. Outgoing. Expressive. Intelligent and creative in her own mind. Lives for the moment, but fears contemplates for the future too much. A little bit of a perfectionist. Not easily offended, but doesn't like getting put down down.

What you want the story to be about: Things are good in Gia's life, until she begins to get bullied by Bob for no apparent reason. It starts to take a toll on her as she wonders why he doesn't like her, and finally she decides to demand why, but deep down Bob has a reason for it.

One-shot, full length, or like 3 chapters: One shot.