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Personalized Stories and stuff.

(#) fatherfuckingmeese 2011-10-09

Name: Demolition Bunny
Age: 14
description: small, has big navy blue eyes, teased black hair, wears bunny ears, white tutu, white leotard with bloodstains on it, ripped white tights, white lace fingerless gloves, short white booties (shoes), neon blue raygun that says 'DEMOLITION LOVER'

Short bio: excitable, likes to goof off, gets scared easily, quick to jump to conclusions, acts like a bunny, observant, loyal, usually pretty happy
Lived with group of double-agent killjoys who took her and her 18 year old brother to Battery City where they were tortured and used for experiments. Her brother (Detonation Wolf) was murdered by Korse and she ran away and passed out in the desert.

What you want your story to be about: Gets rescued by the fabulous killjoys and finds out she is the daughter of fun ghoul. Gets kidnapped by korse and fabulous killjoys wage war against bl/i. She helps in battle.

I think like maybe three chapters if that's okay?
Thanks :)