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Personalized Stories and stuff.

(#) MemoryWolf 2011-10-10

Name : Wynter Ow
Age: 16
Short Bio: long black straight hair that reaches the mid back, greyish blackish eyes, slightly pale skin, 5'5 , skinny , likes to wear black hoodies and black skinny jeans, plays bass, doesnt have parents, her 23 yr old brother takes care of them. Doesn't like coffee cuz they're bitter, likes tea, loves MCR
Bro's bio ( if you want it ): Name is Zero Ow ,basically looks like Andy biersack from BLack Veil Brides without piercing or tattoos and the hair reaches below neck. Loves coffee, plays guitar, is in a band called Full Moon Shine. The other band members can be random.
What you want the story to be about: Wynter is touring with her brother and his band and meets MCR at one of their gig , and her brother surprises her by telling her they'll be touring with MCR for the next year. Wynter likes Mikey
One-shot, full length, or like 3 chapters: anything :) you decide since ur writing it :)