Review for Personalized Stories and stuff.

Personalized Stories and stuff.

(#) Gerardwayiscute 2011-10-10

Name-Jasmine Price. Age-ummmmm...maybe like 21. Short bio about yourself-is nice when you meet her, shy around crushes, gets hyper if you give her soda or coffee, she has a good imagination, she punches hard and defends her friends, is very good with comebacks, is a party animal, smart and gives good advice, she can also break a bone if she needs too. People call her Jay, Jazzy, Jazz hands, and Price tag. I have long straight dark brown hair with purple highlights, dark brown eyes that always show emotion, pale skin that tans easily, has a small scar on her neck, always wears black nail polish on, is 5'4 and skinny. Her style is girly/ punk rockish, so she wears band shirts, solid colored shirts, skinnys, skirts with fishnets, converses and knee high boots. What the story is about-so she is the new girl and she meets Gerard and the rest of MCR and they are vampires. She falls in love with Gee and then a bad vampire tries to hunt her down. So basically a vampire love story. And can it be full lenght. Thank you