Review for AUDITONS


(#) XxxFallenAngelXxxx 2011-10-17

I LOVE Halloween, hope I can help.
Name-Dakota Nyx (Nyx means Night and Dakota means friend or ally)
AGE: whatever fits but is around 18, 19 okay?
LOOKS: waist length, black (natural) hair. Electric blue streaks through it. Hair cut into lots of choppy layer, thick side fringe rests just above left eye. Eyes are emerald green in colour, almond shaped. Always outlined with black eyeliner-not too much, not too little. Very pale skinned, bright red lips. Ears pierced twice on the lobes, a helix and a rook. Tattoo of music note behind left ear, two black bats behind the right. The name “faith” (an old friend of hers who died in a car crash) tattooed across the right wrist and her name “Dakota” on the left. The words “you cannot destroy me” across her shoulder blades. Has her lip, tongue and belly button pierced. Quite tall and thin, but very underdeveloped-no hips/breast. She is very self conscious of this and possibly gets teased a little bit?
Style (everyday) lots of old band tees, graphic tees and skinnies of all different colours. Corset style tops or dresses. Lot of belts with wired belt buckles on them. Converse or her doc martens with multicoloured stars on the laces. Sometimes will wear a skirt or shorts over tights, bit not often.
COSTUME:Devil. A blood red corset type dress-the skirt bit is ripped quite badly and there is a black (also ripped) skirt underneath it that you can see parts of it showing through. Worn over black ripped tights. Knee high black, studded boots. Devil horns clipped onto her head. A black, gothic cross with red stones on it. Two red and black spiked bracelets around her wrists. Smokey eyeliner, heavy red eye shadow, blood red lips. Has a black and red devils fork as well she carries with her.
Home life: lives with her mum, dad and her grandparents in quite a large house, family is quite well off, but they are suffering from the loss of her little sister (Jade) a few years ago.
MUSIC TASTE (not mcr lul): any kind of rock music, loves Green Day, Papa Roach, Avenged Sevenfold, The Cure, Manic Street Preachers, Paramore, A Day To Remember and 30 seconds to mars.
FAVOURITE FILMS: any good horror movies, historical dramas (huge history nerd) Harry Potter. Anything to do with the first/second world wars. Also loves the old animated Disney films like lady and the tramp and the little mermaid.
FAVOURIE BOOK: Harry Potter, random fact books, historical romances or books about the supernatural.
ANYTHING ELSE: strict vegetarian, loves animals and is big on animal rights. Major history nerd, always has her IPod with her to listen to. Has a pet black cat (Jinx) that follows her around a lot. kind, doesn’t scare easily. Really interested in the paranormal and loves Halloween. Sarcastic, can be quite morbid.