Review for AUDITONS


(#) Wolfwing 2011-10-17

Name: Wynter Oh
Age: 18 ( changeable )
Look: long black hair with a fringe that covers her right eye slightly, black eyes, pale skin, 5'6
Style: black band hoodies or dark blue Windsor hoodie with black skinny jeans, black converse
Costume: The walking undead :)
Homelife: lives with mom dad and two older brothers
MUSIC TASTE (not mcr lul): BVB, P! ATD, tokio hotel
FAVOURITE FILMS: twilight :P Paranormal activity
FAVOURIE BOOK: The hunger games, The pain Merchants, Twilight, how to survive a zombie attack
ANYTHING ELSE: she plays Bass and piano and loves archery

Hope I get picked :) thank you :) looking forward to ur story