Review for Auditions!!


(#) MemoryWolf 2011-10-17

Name: Wynter Oh
Age : 17
Sidekick or Hero:sidekick
Special Power: can shoot or slice or cut through anything with her bow and arrow. Her arrows are made of blue coloured energy. , so its unlimited.She can attach bombs to the arrow and blow things up. She can fly. She can shoot anything no matter how far away
Looks: long black hair, fringe covers right eye slightly, black eyes, skinny , pale skinned , 5'6, has a tattoo of a black bow and neon green arrow right below her palm( the vein part)
Outfit: black eye mask with 3 torn white claw marks on the right side, it's decoration. A neon green tight shirt with a black leather jacket, black tight pants with 3 neon green arrows going upward slanting on her right pants leg. Simple black and neon green converse.
Secret Identity: Zero Aim
Weaknesses: can't do anything without her bow, which is made from energy also , but it needs a special silver cross bracelet to activate . She keeps it on her at all times, so if it's stolen, she can't do much .
Back story: her parents abandoned her when they saw her tattoo at birth, they thought she was a monster.
Maybe you can have the hero pick her up and raise her up and improve her powers and all.

Thank you :) good luck :)