Review for Auditions!!


(#) fatherfuckingmeese 2011-10-17

Name: Lycan Misery (Lycan means wolf)
Age: 14
Sidekick or Hero: Sidekick
Special power: Can cause pain with mind, and grow claws and run fast like a wolf
Looks: Short, gold eyes, black and gold-striped teased hair with side fringe,
Outfit: Brown tights/leggings, wolf-like boots, brown nylon leotard, gold belt, wolf hat, gold cape, brown paw like fingerless gloves, wears gold tiger striped bandana on face to cover identity
Secret Identity: Tanner Riley
Weaknesses: Gets angry easily and can't control herself
Backstory: Her parents were poor, so they sold her to a secret corporation who used her for experiments. They tortured her. One experiment went wrong, and they tried to kill her, but no luck, so she ran away. Mayhaps Frank adopts her? :)