Review for *Auditions*


(#) fatherfuckingmeese 2011-10-18

Name: Tanner Riley
Age: Same age as Mikey :3
Gender: Female
Looks: Small, has hair that looks like this: (except it's black), big brown eyes that sparkle when I'm happy or mad, skinny, I have snakebites, I wear a lot of eyeliner, kinda look like Alicia Way.
Personality: bubbly, shy and quiet- but once you get to really know me I'm talkative, likes to cuddle and be held, adventurous, brave, hard to get scared, loyal, kind of like a sidekick or beta person, I only get angry when people pick fights or flip out.
Favorite Bandmember: I'm not sureee, but right now I wanna be with Mikey! :D
Boyfriend: MIKEY PLEASE? With a bass guitar on top? :)